What is this site?

This is is our church's growing list of opportunities to address poverty in meaningful ways.

It can be difficult to know how to really help Victoria's most vulnerable. This resource is to bridge this gap by gathering insights from local social services, relay the information, and enable easy involvement

Where do the opportunities come from?

They have been sought out from local social services who know what's up when it comes to problems unique to Victoria, feasible initiatives, and their basic needs. Hopefully they provoke a "Hey, I could do that" response.  

Our church community may not be money-bags, but we do have creativity, skills, clever folks and general potential to make significant differences in Victoria if aware of the right opportunities.

How and why are the opportunities organized?

There are three general categories of opportunities. Looming issues that require creative solutions, traditional volunteering that require volunteers, or one-off jobs that require anyone (or any fund amount).

Looking to get plugged into volunteering for the next x months? There are accessible opportunities in 'Ongoing ventures', many of them with initiatives already connected with The Table and Church of Our Lord.

Can't commit regular evenings? Check out these 'One-off tasks' that will be incredible appreciated by local services.  Some might be dealt with in just a few hours.


Poverty is dehumanizing and the gospel is about loving and caring for our community's vulnerable. 
If you want to get involved, talk about some ideas for our church or learn more shoot me a tweet with the form below, or phone/text me. That in itself will reward you for a coffee, my treat, and we'll go from there.

Devin Landis 778 679 6976 devin@tablechurch.ca

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