Eric’s Bonus Resources for Reading Leviticus + Updated Reading Calendar

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Eric wants to share his favourite videos on Leviticus

These all come from the popular Bible Project!

Be ready to be amazed….

God is on a mission to remove evil from His good world, along with all of its corrosive effects. However, He wants to do it in a way that does not involve removing humans. In this video, we trace the theme of God's "covering" over human evil through animal sacrifices that ultimately point to Jesus and his death and resurrection.
God invites Israel to live in close proximity to His holy presence. Which seems awesome, but it's actually dangerous. This book explores how the sacrificial rituals and purity practices cleared the way for morally corrupt Israelites to become God's covenant partners.
Watch our overview video on the book of Leviticus, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In Leviticus, Israel's holy God invites them to live in His presence despite their sin, through a series of rituals and sacred institutions. #Leviticus #BibleVideo #TheBibleProject