Watch The Bible Project’s overview video on the book of Deuteronomy, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In Deuteronomy, Moses gives final words of wisdom and warning before the Israelites enter the promised land, challenging them to be faithful to God. #Deuteronomy #BibleVideo #TheBibleProject

Is hearing and listening the same thing? This video, discover how sound entering your ear-drums isn't synonymous with "listening", at least from a biblical perspective. This video is the first installment of our Word Studies series, a six-part exploration of the ancient biblical prayer called "The Shema." #Shema #TheBibleProject #BibleVideo

I’ve been out for a couple weeks but I’m back in the saddle again. In case you didn’t notice, now we’re in Deuteronomy!

In Deuteronomy we have come to end of one incredibly long journey. For us, its a journey that began at Genesis 1 with the formation of roles and purpose of all of creation. For the Israelites who are the characters involved in hearing the words Moses speaks in Deuteronomy, its a journey that began with their parents and grandparents in Egyptian slavery. For both audiences (us and the Israelites) its also a hinge, because the journey isn’t really over here. It’s a transition point from a long testing of trust and relationship into entering into the land of promise and the book of Joshua.

Here, Moses is rehearsing the laws, many of which we’ve heard before. But he wants to remind us, before we enter the land, of God’s goodness and faithfulness. God isn’t calling us to obedience because our security depends on it but because our joy does. This is what we were made for - a right relationship with our creator.

The opening chapters of Deuteronomy jump off the page to us! “It’s time to pay attention!” “Listen!” “Hear me!” See that God has been good. God has been faithful! He is trustworthy and certainly more trustworthy than we’ve given Him credit for. Deuteronomy calls us to be a GOOD LISTENER of God and His Word. This will lead us to a proper view of who God is.

All the language of chapters 4-8 point to an active and purposeful listening. The text assumes we are bad at listening. That this won’t JUST HAPPEN. It must be intentional. It must be strategic. What is your strategy for listening to God’s Word? How will you ensure that this won’t be a practice that loses steam over the course of a few days or weeks? If this is really as important as the Bible claims - That God’s words to us are life and light - what are you doing to ensure that this practice is rooted in your life and how are you going to ensure that you read with understanding and an “ear to hear” as Jesus liked to say?

If those questions feel heavy, good! If they feel paralyzing, take a deep breath, and remember that God loves you and desires for you to know Him. So you’re not alone! Let’s read together! The hope of this blog is to provide a consistent resource on a weekly basis. A touchpoint to encourage, teach, inquire and otherwise cheer you on in this 3 year (& beyond) quest to read our bibles.

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