If You Weren't At Our First Cookery, You Missed Out...

For our first cookery we had a southern feast adorned with all the fixings. The goal of the cookery was to show people how to make a lavish feast without spending hours in the kitchen, all while keeping the the cost per plate under $10. Here's how the evening went:


We did a survey at the end of the evening, and here's a couple things our guests enjoyed most about the evening:

"Informal atmosphere. Lot's of milling and mingling"

"The eggs made me a believer in devilled eggs"

"Not intensive/uptight instruction style. Informative and knowledgable teacher. She made me feel like i could do it all myself."


*Next Cookery: Kyle Wheeler of Heist Coffee Co will be educating you on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee with various brew methods. Stay Tuned!