Coffee Cookery

Have you every wondered why coffee always seems to taste better at a coffee shop than at home? Have you ever felt defeated by those tiny brown beans after seemingly doing every brew step right? Are you curious what the differences between french press and drip coffee and other brew methods are? Then this is the Cookery for you!

Kyle Wheeler is going to take you through the steps of making the perfect cup of coffee, and give you some coffee knowledge to impress your pals with. Other coffee shops in town are offering the same type of class for $50 a session. THIS IS A STEAL OF A DEAL

–––> 16 SPOTS AVAILABLE: first come, first serve <–––

It look like this is going to be a popular class so we're splitting the class into two groups of eight at two separate times.

First eight people to register with me at will be in group A @9am. The following eight will be in group B at 11:30am.


-Mastery of two brew methods

-Step by step brew guide 

-85g bag of delicious Drumroaster coffee

-one on one feedback from a coffee professional


Who is Kyle?

What Will You Learn?


Coffee is very diverse, and we really think you should know coffee's true potential. You may have heard the saying: Knowledge is power. At the Common Cupboard we like to say Knowledge is delicious. Here's what you'll be learning:

Comparison of four different brewing methods: Drip, French-Press, Aero-Press, Pour-Over

In this section you'll be able to compare and contrast the differences in flavour of the same coffee bean brewed four different ways.


We here at the common cupboard like to be practical. If you make coffee at home you probably use a french-press or a drip coffee machine.

SO, we're going to teach you how to master these two brew methods so you can make a consistently amazing cup of coffee every time.

Kyle will be going over brew basics–––> brew time, temperature, grind size, bean to water ratio etc... YOU'RE GOING TO BE AMAZING! 


When and Where?

Saturday, August 22

Group A: 9-11; Group B: 11:30-:1:30  

Church of Our Lord kitchen.

626 Blanshard Street.