Common Coffee

A thought occurred to me recently when I was buying a bag of craft coffee from a local shop. "One of the functions of the Common Cupboard is communal buying power. Why isn't the Common Cupboard purchasing locally roasted specialty coffee?"


To put things in perspective, the price of an individual 3/4 lb bag of coffee at Drumroaster coffee co. costs anywhere from $15-17 depending on the bean. By banding together we could raise the amount of coffee you receive and lower the price. For example, with wholesale pricing at Drumroaster and through the Common Cupboard you could get 1 lb of their house blend for $12 through the common cupboard To receive wholesale pricing through Drumroaster, we need to purchase a minimum of 20 lbs each order. I think this is doable. I'd like to get The Table Community drinking higher quality coffee for a number of reasons anyways, so that would take care of 10 lbs.

So I'm wondering...

Is this of interest to anybody or is is just me? If I reach the 20 lbs requirement in response to this then I'll send out an email to everyone and place an order. It'll be the exact same ordering experience as our level ground order. The Common Cupboard is not going to have a coffee inventory. If this takes off I would schedule a regular order through The Common Cupboard. So who's with me? If you're interested then please send me an email by September 23. >><<