Not able to make it out to our Coffee Cookery? Check it out:

Cookery number two was a blast! This will not be the last Coffee Cookery that The Common Cupboard puts on. 

The first section of the class was all about knowledge and theory. Kyle(The Table's resident coffee guru) brewed the same coffee bean 4 different ways in order to show the spectrum of flavours you can pull out of the bean depending on how it's prepared.

The second section was all about practice. Kyle educated the "students" on the holy trinity of coffee brewing: freshness, cleanliness, and consistency. We also talked a great deal on buying practices for the average consumer. For example, we talked about the difference between fair trade and direct trade and what impacts they had on producers, pickers and quality. 


Here's what some of the students had to say about the the class:

"Great content! I like that Kyle did a few different brew methods, and adapted to what people were most interested in. Being able to compare and contrast was fantastic! and class size was good."

"welcoming environment. Class was taught with expertise but not with snobbery."

"appreciated the full picture intro of how this fits into the larger story -environmentally, ethically, missionally, personally etc."

"liked having booklets and beans to take home. 

"having an expert to teach the class was amazing!"


*NEXT CLASS: To be announced shortly. Stay tuned...