Beef Order 2016

It's that time of year again! 

Our farmer friend, Colin Mann, has some cows that are soon going to slaughter. He’s once again given us the opportunity to get grass fed, locally grown, organic, hormone free beef!

Since purchasing our first cow in 2014, the Common Cupboard has learned a lot and been refining its ordering process to better serve our mission, and improve order logistics. Here’s how we’ll be taking your beef orders this year:

  1. This year we’re going to be buying meat in shares.
    1. A share = an 1/8 of side of a cow. (or approximately 30 lbs cut and wrapped beef.)  
    2. Each share will have a variety of cuts, with an emphasis on ground beef.
  2. Pay for your share in advance. No beef order will be placed until it is paid for.
    1. This ensures the beef is paid for in full, prior to purchase.
  3. When the meat is ready (May 1st), you’ll be notified by email for when you can pick it up!


Common Questions

  • Will I be able to choose what cuts I receive?
    • To ensure that all of the cow we purchase is used entirely, we won’t be taking individual cut requests this year. This is the reality of purchasing an entire animal, and also ensures that The Common Cupboard isn’t maintaining an inventory of meat. For some of the more obscure cuts, we’ll be providing some tips and recipes you can experiment with in the kitchen!
  • I still think an 1/8th Share is too much meat for me, help!?
    • Likely you’re not the only one, find someone to split the Share and cost with!
  • How much should I expect to pay for my beef?
    • $240 - 270 for 1 share. The average price for a ½ a cow is $2000. ( $5.50 per lb hanging weight.)  Hanging weight = The weight of a side of beef after the head, feet, and organs have been removed. The beef is dry aged for about a month and about 30% of the hanging weight is lost to evaporation and the butchering process. The final cut and wrapped product works out to about $8-9 per lb, which is an incredible price for locally grown, grass fed, organic, hormone free beef.

If you’re interested in purchasing beef through the Common Cupboard, or want to be kept in the loop as this progresses - let me know before April 1st. My email is, or you can call me at 250-508-7372