Deep South Cookery

Our First Cookery: Deep South Edition

The dog days of summer have come early this year. Why spend more time in a hot kitchen than you have to? Sorcha's gonna teach you how to spend less time cooking and more time stuffing your face with southern style comfort food.

Our goal is to expand skills and save money using good food in good company. In some ways this is not unique, but other cooking classes with cost $40 and upwards. 

This cookery will only cost you $15 - (introductory price!!!) - all while using as locally and ethically produced goods as possible.

----->  ONLY 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE: first come, first serve  <-----

What's on the menu?

-Grandma's famous smoked ham

-Devilled eggs

-The worlds best baking powder biscuits 

-Roasted beet salad w/ miso-ginger sesame dressing

-2014 Siegerrebe Gewurztraminer from Emandare Vineyard 

Who is Sorcha?

"My mother was an Albertan “farm” cook raised in the Depression in kitchens that had a distinctive Southern flavour (her mother was from Missouri).  The combination of these three influences led to an appreciation of good, “down home”, immensely flavourful foods. In those days what the “poor folk” ate was intrinsically nutritious because virtually all of it was homegrown and home-cooked. I learned a great deal in her kitchen and have inherited her very best recipes.

I have been working in the restaurant and food industry for over 40 years. This has included service, bartending, catering, food preparation, cooking, banquets and event coordination. I have always been deeply interested in good food, good company and community. Last year, due to a health crisis I was compelled to re-evaluate my relationship with food. Based upon the decision to take 100% responsibility for my own healthcare I spent many hours researching nutrition, diet, health and well-being and their interrelationship. I then implemented what I found out in my personal life, culinary and otherwise.

I am of the opinion and fully support Jared’s vision that the quality of food that we ingest is directly influenced by the respect and care that its growth, production and processing entails. I believe that what we eat is and must be a reflection of a respect that we show for ourselves and other living beings.

This respect, and a whole lot of good food comes through the kitchen and the community it feeds. I look forward to being a participant in the Common Cupboard."

When and Where?

Saturday July 18th, 4-7pm

In the Church of Our Lord kitchen.

626 Blanshard street.