November In Review

In some ways, I'm disappointed in how November went. I was really desiring November to be a productive month at work, but things just didn't come together on that front. Maybe part of that was because I had just finished with two months of intensity in leading the newest Table mid-week group. All of my focus for the past two and a half months had been on work, and as a result I did not attend to any personal needs. And it's funny, because Looking back on November, it's been the complete opposite situation from the previous two months. November has been an amazing month for personal development. My sleep has greatly improved, I'm in an exercise routine, I've been making much better choices and have been less impulsive, and I've found a book that has really encouraged me, and has helped me encourage others. 

Check it out here:

I suppose that rest was the theme of November, but it was an active rest. By that I mean I wasn't focussing solely on production. Boy, in writing this I can't help but realize how much God has been and is transforming me. Pretty sweet!

What have I been working on?

Most of my work this past month has been organizing/editing my notes from the Food and Theology study I created earlier this year. I'm making a study guide and workbook for future home groups at The Table. The goal is to lead one more F & T mid-week group, and have the workbook ready by the spring. I'm hoping that this will become a staple that The Table can use for years to come. 

This past week I  reconnected with an agency across from Table North location. The Agency is called The Shelbourne Community Kitchen. I visited SCK and dropped off some flour and other goodies to them. I wanted to connect with them because they are right across from where Table North Worships, and also because I love that they are a small scale operation. from what I've seen, the coordinator and volunteers have actual relationships with their clients because of their size. I think that's great, and love supporting operations like that. Kim (the coordinator) and I have been talking over the past several months, and right now we're exploring what some crossover with the two of us would look like.

What Have I been thinking about?

November has been somewhat of a contemplative month. The 2nd was my brothers birthday. He would of been 30 years old. I remember him saying to me in the hospice that he was really looking forward to being 30. So when his birthday came around I was reminded of the exact moment he shared that with me. He was so incredibly discouraged at that time. While I was reflecting on this however, I was not despondent. Quite the opposite actually. I felt thankful. Thankful for my time with him, thankful for being alive, thankful that he's been released from the pain he was in. It's funny, I think I quite often slip into cynicism, it's almost reactionary. But through this whole death thing I've been tremendously hopeful and thankful. What a gift! This has come in handy. Especially this month, because one of the priests at my church and co-worker of mine died 10 days after my brothers birthday. It was a chaotic month for our church because of that. There was a lot of confusion and sadness among my community, but I was so steeped in hope that the discouragement of death couldn't touch me. I hope that people saw my joy during this time, and in knowing my situation were encouraged.

Prayer update: 

My sleep has improved a great deal! About 3 weeks ago I went to the doctor seeking medicinal help for my sleep. It was a last resort since I knew that prescription drugs are quite addictive, because once you've started them, it's extremely hard sleep again without them. To my surprise the doctor was resistant to me taking drugs for my sleep. He explained to me that I should give proper sleep hygiene a try, and sent me on my way with a nightly routine. It took a couple of days for my mind to adjust, but pretty much ever since then I've been sleeping better. AWESOME right!? Thanks to all of you who have been praying!

What you can pray for:

-Shelbourne Community Kitchen and The Table: That God will bring something awesome out of this partnership. 

-More direction for the Common Cupboard. 

-Time management/motivation. Maybe it's just the weather, but I've been a bit lax over the last couple weeks. Pray for God to kick my but back into gear, and that I will use my time efficiently.