January Update

Happy belated new year everyone!

I think If I could summarize January in one word, it would be clarity. In late December as I was Looking back on 2015, I was feeling unsatisfied with The Common Cupboard. It felt like I was missing the mark. Some of the stuff I was doing under the umbrella of The Common Cupboard was valuable, but unfocused. So I thought that I needed to figure out the Vision and Identity of The Common Cupboard once and for all. In a sense, play time was over. In my first update, I wrote about how I had a shift in vision from what was originally planned. When when it came time to actually put the shift into practice life got busy(my fault), and the new vision never really became clear. This lead me to set a good part of January aside just to finalize the Vision. With the help of my team, here's what we came up with:


Common Cupboard: Making Good Food More Common

The purpose of The Common Cupboard is to express the renewed relationship we have in Christ: with God, community, creation and self through the cultivation and thoughtful consumption of food.

Our main ways in expressing these renewed relationships (Values):

Community, Education, Participation.


From now own, these values inform everything that The Common Cupboard will do. If an idea for a new action items comes to me and doesn't hit at least one of these 3 values, then it's not worth doing. Our values inform our actions. For example, cookeries are really worth pursuing because they hit on all 3 values: They are a community event, They're primarily food education, and they equip participants to go out and execute what they've learned. We will definitely be doing more of these in the future. 

I'm really happy with this new vision. I think it's realistic, and it allows me to live out what gets me excited about christianity.  


Meet the Meat

Another thing that I started working on in January was the prospect of a new steer to sell thought common cupboard. Our friend Colin Mann has a hobby farm where he raises grass fed beef, and he asked if we were interested in buying. My friend Mike and I visited the property and checked out the herd. The girls were looking happy and healthy, so in spring we'll have a freshly butchered cow to distribute. We're going to take this opportunity to educate people as much as we can about the why good quality meat matters, how to cook with cuts you're not comfortable with, and more. Stay tuned.  

Learning To Preach

January marked the beginning of something I never thought I would do. All the apprentices at the table started a preaching lab with my paster, Andy. Andy is equipping us for the next couple of months with how to prepare and execute a sermon. All four of us apprentices will be preaching our first sermon in a couple of months. Pretty exciting stuff! It's pretty amazing to look back and see where God has taken me. I'll let you all know when I'm preaching. 

Financial update.

Thank you all for your prayers this past month and a half while I've been in need. I'm happy to say that I'm back up to full support! WAHOO!  

Things you can pray for.

-I met with someone from another church in town who is interested in expressing her faith through food. We chatted about a number of things: The Common Cupboard, if there could be any crossover between our churches, and the potential of starting a market in Gordon Head. This last one is a major dream of hers, and I'm interested in the possibility of a combined church effort on this. So we're doing a bunch of research right now to see if it's actually doable. We have a meeting scheduled with another agency in town that works with low income families to brainstorm further. Any prayer for this potential project would be appreciated. 

-In two weeks I'm flying out to The Philippines with my friend Fraser to play worship music at a number of churches. I've done music ministry for a long time with him, and it's always an amazing time. I really don't know what to expect heading into a foreign country, so please just pray for safety, painless time change adjustment, health, and that God would be present to the people of The Philippines through our music.