March Update

It's been an odd month for me at the Table. I've been in deep processing mode. A few weeks leading up to the Philippines I sensed that I was about to enter a new season personally. It was foggy, but it was there. Maybe something was just on my mind because three of my closest friends since becoming a Christian are leaving in a couple months for good. That has been on my mind a lot. It's caused me to reflect on the last 3 years and where God has taken me. I've really grown a lot. I never thought of myself as ever being a leader, but I guess it was inevitable. For the longest time I was uncomfortable with thinking of myself in that light. It's been a long process to accept it, and i'm still trying to accept it, but I guess that's what I am. Even just over half a year ago I was terrified to get up and speak in front of people. Now, I'll be preaching in two weeks. Weird.

I guess getting more comfortable with myself as a leader has caused me to feel more responsible for the people a The Table. For the past 3 years I've been on the receiving end of great community and relationships, But I haven't been the one pursuing people. I guess this is a direction God wants me to follow. I feel more responsible to be the one pursuing relationships. There's a lot of people who could use some mentorship and someone intentionally seeking relationship with them. Even in a tight-knit community like The Table there's still lots of confusion and loneliness. I remember being there and in some ways I still am, But I've had a lot of amazing people pursue and spend time with me in this community along the way. And Honestly, thats a big reason why I've grown. So I'd like to start paying it forward.

 Look at me...getting all soft and stuff.... who would of thought? 

In this processing, I've come to the conclusion that I need to make a few changes. One of the big changes I want to make is my living situation. I currently live with 3 other people in a small duplex around hillside mall. This has been great for the past year, especially financially, but it has no been great for the ability to invite people into my home. My current place is always buzzing with activity. The house feels very full, very fast. It's hard enough to have a private conversation, let alone cook someone dinner, or lead a small group. So I've got to make some changes. I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for yet. I'm thinking either a place with one other person, or a one bedroom. I guess I'll just have to pray about it. In either case I want the place to have enough space to host. I currently don't have another person to live with, So thats makes looking for a place a challenge. Maybe a place on my own is where God wants me to go, or maybe God will bring someone. Worth praying about. 


What have I been working on? 

-Shelbourne Community Kitchen

A few weeks ago I met with Kim and Laura who work at SCK, along with a woman named Katie who attends another church in the Gordon Head area. We got together to chat about the possibility of combining our efforts to start up a pocket market in Gordon Head. (a pocket market is just a very scaled down farmers market.) Well, we decided to not go for it, but something positive did come out of the conversation. Kim really enjoyed the fact that tree different organizations could get together in a room and try to collaborate. She noted that one of the reasons that food based organizations have little impact in this city is because they have too big of a vision and not enough resources. Plus, they're isolated. Everyone is trying to do their own thing. So she was excited that the four of us were even meeting. Kim proposed the idea of having a semi regular evening where representatives from various food based projects get together connect on what everyone is doing in the city. I liked the idea. It would be good to have personal contacts from organizations around the city to support each other where we can, and possibly combine our efforts. Could be fun... I'm going to keep the conversation going with Kim an see what happens.

Beef "Meat and Greet."

As part of the beef order this year, my team and I thought it would be a good experience and opportunity for our community to meet the man behind the meat. In about a week's time we'll be heading to Colin, our rancher's, family home for a tour of his property and to meet the heard that we'll soon be dining on. We thought this would be a great educational experience for people, and a time to ask any questions about meat and food production direct from an expert rather than google....


Much of this month has been spent working on this upcoming sermon. I can tell you first hand, a lot of time and preparation goes into writing a sermon. I don't know how pastors do it every week. We (the table apprentices) have been taught 5 steps in preparing a sermon: 1) devotional, 2) exegesis, 3) Hermeneutics, 4)Homiletics, 5) devotional. 

This is not how every pastor does it, this just is my pastor's preaching professor's method of going about a sermon. Each step provides it own challenges. It's really stretching. I've spent hours reading the text, looking as atlases, lexicons, commentaries, narrative theology books, etc... All that to say, it's been time consuming. I've also re-written my sermon 3 times, and I'll probably write it again now that I've preached it to my peers and pastor Andy. They thought it was good, but I'm not satisfied with it. I'm still struggling to understand what my passage is really saying. I promise i'm not obsessing about it. I'm actually looking forward to preaching it.

I'll be preaching two times on April 17th. In the morning at 10am at Brentwood Table (7162 West Saanich road), and in the evening at 4pm at Table North (3460 Shelbourne street). Andy thinks its good practice to do it 2 times in one day, so I might as well. If you'd like to come, feel free to come to either of those. 


Prayer Requests:

-New living situation

I could use prayer for this new living situation. I've told my roommate's my plan and they're ok with it. There is not a huge rush to leave my current place. but please pray that God would provide the right situation. I'd like to move within the next 2-3 months. 

-The sermon

This is my first sermon, so I am a little nervous about it. Please pray that God would reveal himself to me and to my community in a new way through this text I've been studying. 


Thank you all for your continuing support and prayers. God bless,