Kaleo Post Retreat 2018: Part 2 - LET US PRAY

20180824 Leadership Retreat Group Photo IMG_2164.jpg

We spent a significant amount of time in prayer together and for one another this weekend. And some things came up that we sensed needed a season of prayer at The Table.


  • For the gift of our Table Family
  • For genuine excitement for the coming year together
  • For a profound sense of peace and affirmation
  • For our practical list! (Coming in a Future BLOG Post!)
  • For the gift of prayer and the gift of safety in vulnerability



  • For Table leaders and the Christians in our community —> Grow deeper and for protection
  • That God would make us into an obedient people
  • That we would learn to trust God for the results
  • That we would trust God with the challenging bits of 1 Corinthians
  • That we would be open on our journey through 1 Corinthians (trusting God for Swamp Ferries*)
  • For DNA groups to deepen and meet the needs they were set out to meet.
  • That we would not distance ourselves from the audience of 1 Corinthians but to see that their needs met in the gospel are also ours.
  • That we would pay appropriate attention to our anxieties - and bring them before God and one another.

*Ask Tim Hardy about his encounter with a swamp ferry (swamp fairy?) at camp.