So it begins!

Sunset at Beacon Hill Park

 This is my first update in the realm of my apprenticeship here at the table. September and October have been some busy months full of change within my own life, as well as throughout The Table community as a whole.

 September was the beginning of my role as an Urban Missionary Apprentice at The Table.
 I'm going in with a focus on creative communication, graphic design, and vocational discernment. As we navigated the transition into two locations, I also had to navigate the transition of moving from a stable 40 hour/week job, to relying on fundraising support and establishing a completely new work rhythm into my life.

September  also marked the launch of Table North.
This the second expression of our larger gathering. It meets in the Saanich area, while Table South, our downtown location, continues as normal. Well, sort of normal. The way we made the transition into two campuses was to split our leadership and our congregation in half, which meant a lot of adjusting to a rhythm of taking on more responsibility as well as demanding more from our leaders as roles needed to be filled across both expressions of The Table. 

Ministry is an interesting vocation, I’m realizing. 
The separation between ministry work and life blurs, and I find myself wondering if there ever should be a distinction between our ministry and our “normal life”. A coffee with a friend is ministry. Cooking a meal for someone is ministry. Cleaning the dishes from that meal is ministry. There are constant opportunities in my life to be a blessing to others, and I need to constantly audit myself to wonder how I am being a testament to the love of Christ to those around me. 

When I am in the office, I get the opportunity to work on some pretty fun projects and challenges.
I've made a coffee brewing booklet, postcards, a t-shirt design, a stamp design, and numerous designs for the website. Here are some of the things I've been working on:

A lot of The Table is also about food, and eating together.
I've found myself making meals for large gatherings of people on a weekly basis, and I really enjoy it. I didn't consider it to be a part of the job description initially, but it has become one of the more relaxing elements of the job. Doing something repetitive, like peeling 8kg of beets for a giant pot of borscht, can be a meditative experience with a rewarding result. Eating together as a community is one of the things that drew me to this church in the first place, and I'm grateful that I can contribute to that element. 

I am grateful for, and in need of, your prayer. 
I am incredibly blessed by the fact that I can continue to live in this beautiful city and be a part of this church community. I am doubly blessed by the opportunity to be able to pour back into The Table through my work. 

  • Pray that I would be a blessing to others, and that I would be living in the constant awareness of Christ's love for me and others.
  • Pray that I continue to learn how to be a disciple of Christ, and seek others that can challenge and build me up.
  • Pray that I am made aware of those who are in need both spiritually and physically, and that God would give me the wisdom to know how to act toward them.
  • Pray that God would compel and inspire those He has in mind to support me financially.

I still need financial help.
I have about 72% of my fundraising goal  raised for this apprenticeship, which covers basic costs, like rent and food. I am still living month to month, trying not to rely too heavily on my credit card. 
There are some larger costs on the horizon, like dentist bills, bus tickets, some repairs to my bike, and a much needed massage therapy appointment. 
There are some 'it would be nice to have' costs, like a climbing gym pass, and some online education resources.

If you would like to support me, there are a couple of ways to do it. 

  • Online: click the button below, and write "Kyle Urban Missions" in the memo line. Also if you choose to make it a recurring donation, please mention that as well.  


  • By Mail: postdated cheques can be mailed to: 

The Table Church
626 Blanshard St. 
Victoria, B.C.
 V8W 3G6

  • By preauthorized withdrawal: send a request to me at  and I'll send a .pdf file with instructions from there. 

Thanks for your interest in my journey!
In Christ,

-Kyle Wheeler