Refugee Sponsorship


Currently, just short of the $56 000 Goal!



Our sponsorship group includes a small group of people from various communities who are touched by the stories of refugee families. One group member is Niran, a first cousin of a family in Jordan who are now refugees in Jordan since leaving their home in Iraq.  They are the family we are sponsoring. Niran came to Victoria as a refugee a few years ago and is looking forward to living with family again.

Most of us involved are connected with The Table Church, Church of Our Lord, and the Intercultural Association of Victoria. It is all volunteer driven and every dollar given will go to the sponsorship fund





The family being sponsored, pictured here, is waiting for their application to be processed. If successful we hope to welcome them to Canada before this summer. 

How You Can Help              

1. The 25

It's our goal to have a total of 25 families or individuals give $1000 each. Consider whether you can join the handful of people that have committed already and make this substantial impact on the sponsorship goal.

2. Monthly Gift

A small amount each month can add up, and we'll notify you once you've met the goal. It is simple to give monthly through Chimp, which the donate button links to. 

3. Donate housing items

If you have furniture, beds, lamps, or other housing goods, we'd love to hear from you! Send an email to 

4. Help Fundraise


We need your energy and creativity! Send us an email. We could use assistance in fundraising, planning events, and being part of welcoming this family in Canada.


Email at: