Neighbourhood Tables

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Neighbourhood Tables meet on alternate Sundays in various parts of the city. Everyone loves a good ceremony, but we don't want to miss out on gathering to worship in smaller, more local groups.

You'll notice a great range in types of Neighourhood Tables, mostly because they reflect the interests and personality of the neighbourhood. 

A few of the Neighbourhood Tables shift sites on occasion, so the best way to keep up to date is via email updates which you can sign up for here.


Morningside (*new*)

Meeting in Gordon Head starting at 9:30am for brunch and worship. Special focus on  school-aged children.


Host: Mark and Tara
1644 Morningside Pl
(778) 433-4244

WEST Saanich (*new)

Meeting in a home in West Saanich (west of the airport) at 10am for potluck brunch and worship. Family friendly.


Host: Anna and Jacob
912 Dogwood Rd
(250) 480-8010

East Saanich

Meeting  Saanich Centennial Baptist Church in Saanichton at 4pm. Snacks after. Reflective prayer. *Wheelchair accessible.


Host: Jonathan
7577 Wallace Rd
(778) 549-5027


Meeting in a home near Cedar Hill Golf Course starting at 4pm for potluck and worship. Family friendly.


Host: Sarah and Will
3148 Jackson Street
(778) 678-4341


Meeting in the hall of Church of Our Lord starting at 4pm for potluck, 5pm worship. Coffee house feel. *Wheelchair accessible.


Host: Josh
626 Blanshard St
(250) 661-7349

Grant St

Meeting in a home in Fernwood. Gathering at 7:30pm and worship starting at 8pm. Contemplative.


Host: Tim and Michelle
1338 Grant St
(250) 727-2274