Neighbourhood Tables

Next (August 25th)

Neighbourhood Tables meet on alternate Sundays in various parts of the city. Everyone loves a good ceremony, but we don't want to miss out on gathering to worship in smaller, more local groups.

You'll notice a great range in types of Neighourhood Tables, mostly because they reflect the interests and personality of the neighbourhood. 

A few of the Neighbourhood Tables shift sites on occasion, so the best way to keep up to date is via email updates which you can sign up for here, or contact the host directly. They would love to welcome you and give you an idea of what to expect.



Meeting with Downtown this week.

Host: Mark and Tara



WEST Saanich

Meeting with East Saanich this week

Host: Anna and Jacob



East Saanich

Meeting  Saanich Centennial Baptist Church in Saanichton at 4pm. Snacks after. Reflective prayer. *Wheelchair accessible.

Host: Jonathan
7577 Wallace Rd
(778) 549-5027


Meeting with Downtown this week.

Host: Sarah and Will
(250) 508-4420



Grant St

Meeting with Downtown this week.

Host: Tim and Michelle




Meeting in the hall of Church of Our Lord starting at 5pm worship. Coffee house feel. Coffee and popcorn provided. Bring snacks to share if you are able. *Wheelchair accessible.

Host: Eric
626 Blanshard St
‭(250) 818-1033‬


Meeting with Downtown this week.

Host: Scott and Joanne