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Apostolate Overview

Apostolos is a greek word meaning "sent ones", from which which get the word apostle.  This word comes to define not only the foundational leaders of the Christian faith (the 12 Apostles) but also of the church in general ("I believe in one holy catholic apostolic Church").

At it's base, the Church is a community of saints sent on a mission to see Jesus Christ revealed in common life. In doing so, they follow the lead of Jesus, the divine Son who took on flesh to make known the glory, goodness, and grace of God on the way to the cross and resurrection for humanity's rescue.

The role of the Apostolate for leadership focuses on our vocation as "sent ones" to announce, embody, and demonstrate the Gospel to the skeptical, the curious, and the seekers.

As with the other Kaleo focuses, the Apostolate has a staggered two-year track.


Last year we focused on sharing hope largely as individual people — how we interact with people one-on-one and in groups, and how we communicate our hope in Christ.

This year we will emphasize sharing hope communally — how our to communicate our hope in Christ through gatherings, events, and projects. We will look at project development from start to finish using a broad agricultural imagery:

Mondays (monthly)

Dream Gospel Harvest
Design the Garden
Plant the Seed
Fertilize the Soil
Pull the Weeds
Fight off the Pests
Taste the Fruit

Possible Blitzes (Saturdays workshops )

Initiate and Connect
Pray for Rain
Plan for Next Season

This year will be more than theoretical. We will be using an actual semi-regular event to explore all the necessary parts and stages of starting up, following through, and transitioning from a group project. The process will be transferable to group gatherings and project teams, some of which will hopefully flow in and out of our focus project.

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Earlier Event: May 27
Follow Me Follow Christ
Later Event: September 23
Dream Gospel Harvest