Auto-withdrawals (in Canada from your chequing account) via CAFT  by filling out a form here:

This is our auto-debit system. Attached are the agreement form and FAQs should you have any questions.

Just fill out the form and return it via email to with a photo of a void cheque, 

or mail the form and a void cheque to us at The Table Church - 626 Blanshard St, Victoria, BC V8W3G6


Online (in Canada) via Chimp
(Note that your receipt will show a donation to Chimp, but donations will go to us.)

Follow the link below, be sure to set-up your donation as one time or re-occurring, and to put "Table General" or "UM-(Name)" in the comments box to indicate where you would like your donation to be allocated.




By cheque in Canada: 

Cheques are best to maximize donation funds, as online giving takes between 3-4%. If you're part of our community, post-dated cheques work really well (made out to The Table Church). If you're not in town to drop off cheques at our gatherings or at the office, you can send a cheque to:

The Table Church - 626 Blanshard St, Victoria, BC V8W3G6

If you're in the US: 

 The Peninsula Anglican Fellowship in Washington has generously offered to handle our US donor income for us. They do not have online giving because of the high cost of the service, so physical cheques are what they will accept. 

Here's the address to send cheques to:


c/o Anne Ni, Treasurer
724 N 182nd Street
Shoreline, WA 98133

Make checks or auto bill payable to Peninsula Anglican Fellowship and include "The Table Church" in the memo line.


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