Happy Half Lent!

3 Reasons and 5 Ways to get into the second half


Elaine taught me a new word this week: laetare. Laetare Sunday is the fourth Sunday in the season of Lent, marking the mid-way point. Surprisingly (to me), it means “rejoice,” and from what I gather, it’s to be a pause or reprieve from the fasts of Lent with an eye towards Easter. Other words for the day are “Mothering Sunday,” and “Refreshment Sunday.” Sounds nice. I guess it’s like the water station or massage table at the midway mile of a marathon (do they have those? I wouldn’t know).


Anyways, it got me thinking about the first half of Lent. How I started off the season like I do the new year - with anticipation that it could be good, with a sense of what to resist (or fast), and with the memory that things don’t always go as planned. And my fast hasn’t gone as planned. I feel a bit overwhelmed with just life chores and all the possible time investments. The weather was really cold and then really warm; some of the cherry blossoms have bloomed and fallen, others haven’t at all.


I don’t want to give up or write-off the season just because here at the halfway point I’m not sure what to make of it. I wondered if some of you might be in the same place (?), so I wrote out a few reasons why we should do the second half of the marathon, even if we are not where we thought we’d be, and even if we never started it at all.


3 Reasons

7 Observations from the Prayer Vigil for Bishop Trevor

A week ago today was the 24 hour prayer vigil for Bishop Trevor(pictured above). It was good to do and surprisingly enjoyable. 8 people joined in person over the 4 hours, and some of you prayed at home. I keep thinking about what I learned from it, so thought I’d share 7 of my observations so far.


1. It reminded me that healing was a major part of Jesus’ ministry on earth, so much so that sometimes He seemed to heal indiscriminately, just left and right, and all of them. (?)

Whoa. For all the ways I follow Jesus, praying for others’ healing isn’t ‘a major part of my life of ministry. Should it be (more)?