Kaleo Post Retreat 2018: Part 3 - What Shall We Build Next?



On Saturday evening at the retreat we asked ourselves, "What are some of the needs we have as a community?" And here's a list of what we came up with. Some of these need more thought and definition but they all point to real needs in our community that we are discerning together. If you are interested in serving at The Table and have not yet found that place to serve, consider the following as an invitation. Contact Andy if you'd like to think out loud together about these or other possibilities.


Community Connectors (Peninsula)

Community Connectors - people who love meeting new faces and having conversations with new people and learning about who they are and what they care about. These people are natural networkers, connecting people of common interests, experience and passions. They love nothing better than a good conversation.


Visibility & Connections (Peninsula)

Visibility/Good news-tellers - these folks are good advertisers and spokespeople. They get excited about something new and love to tell people about it. They’ve found a good thing and they want to share it with others!


Point person for Potential Musicians

Connect potential musicians at The Table with existing music teams. Be proactive in creating a culture that welcomes new musicians and integrates them into The Table’s music scene. This requires a good working relationship with existing Table music leaders and some experience with music.


Youth Group (Middle School) Ministry

Excited about working with teens? Also, see "Aunts" & "Uncles" below.


Resource Coordinator

What resources can we offer people in need? Everything from Bed, Bath and Beyond returns to Power of 10 to knowing where to find what services in the city can be a huge blessing to others.


Meal Organizer

Help us organize meals for The Big Table Gatherings


Major Gift Officer OR Fundraising Officer

Strategize ways to communicate with potential donors who are able to contribute one-time and regular ongoing gifts.


Care & Community Organizer

Organize and oversee the various needs within the community. Ranges from Meal Trains for new families to hospital visits & milestone celebrations. --> See also the next entry!


Finding ways to celebrate milestones for singles

We’re good at celebrating baptisms and marriages and new babies. We need to do a better job at recognizing a broader spectrum of milestones. We need a coordinator who can help organize celebrations for milestones for singles.


“Aunts” & “Uncles” for Kids Table - Mentors for ages 10-12

Build a relationship with one of our Table Kids. Get to know them, spend a little time with them, share Jesus. 


Older mentors for our younger adults

Build a mentoring relationship with one of our younger adults. Get to know them, spend a little time with them, share Jesus. 


Public Affirmation Coordinator - Get to know so and so

Organize and lead an interview style announcement during Big Table meals to help our community get to know its various members.


Testifiers/storytellers at The Big Table gathering —>

Be willing to share what you sense God speaking to our community - or a story of God’s leading or faithfulness.


The Story of The Table night

Archivists and Storytellers and Photographers